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February 24, 2017

Study analyzes relationship between socioeconomic indicators and maternal and child health

The asset index is the best socioeconomic indicator to identify children at risk of presenting stunting in families in low and middle-income countries. This is what the research developed in a Master's thesis of the Post-Graduation in Epidemiology of the Federal University of Pelotas, authored by Luís Paulo Vidaletti, under the guidance of Professor Aluísio Jardim Dornellas de Barros indicates. The study analyzed the ability of two wealth indices to distinguish the socioe

February 11, 2017

Gender Equity

Check the post by Fernanda Ewerling (ICEH) and Lotus McDougal (UCSD) at the Center on Gender Equity and Health blog  

January 18, 2017

The Countdown to 2030 Equity Technical Working Group Meeting

The Countdown to 2030 Equity Technical Working Group (ETWG) is assembled since yesterday (January 17th), at the International Center for Equity in Health (ICEH), Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel). The meeting objectives are: - To familiarize ETWG members with the Countdown to 2030 initiative and with the data analyses set up at the International Center for Equity in Health (Pelotas) - To advise on the expansion of equity analyses formerly carried out for the Countdown to 2015 (MDG agen

January 18, 2017

Research assesses impact of economic inequality on child malnutrition

A study by the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) compared the trends of socioeconomic inequality in the occurrence of child malnutrition in Latin American and Caribbean countries, according to the income differences of the population classified in five and ten economic groups. The research is the result of a dissertation work developed in the Post Graduate Program in Epidemiology of UFPel by nutritionist María de Pilar Flores Quispe, under the guidance of professor Fernando Cés