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June 23, 2013

International Center for Equity in Health holds Countdown to 2015 workshop

Countdown to 2015 workshop participants in the International Center for Equity in Health

Today (06/21) ends the workshop Countdown to 2015: Capacity Building Workshop on the Analysis of Coverage and Equity Data, conducted by the International Center for Equity in Health in support of the Countdown to 2015 initiative.

From 17 to 21 June, representatives from eight countries participated in the scientific program organized daily in theoretical and practical sessions on data analysis with a focus on equity and health coverage. The scientific-technical cooperation provided to eight countries - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Peru - aimed to enable researchers and national health institutions to improve the monitoring of interventions towards the achievement of 4 and 5 Millennium Development Goals, signed in 2010 by the countries of the United Nations to reduce the mortality of children under five years and improve the health of women on pregnancy.