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Partnership with the World Health Organization

In order to disseminate data on inequalities in Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH), a partnership was created between the ICEH and WHO in 2010, through which we provide the analyses made available at the Health Equity Monitor and through the Health Equity Assessment Toolkit. Twice every year, the global database is updated as new RMNCH surveys become available.

Core components of the Health Equity Monitor include disaggregated databases of RMNCH, country equity profiles and interactive visuals. Users may create their own animated graphics based on the data analyzed at the ICEH and GHO. 

The partnership between the GHO and ICEH also resulted in the production of the HEAT (Health Equity Assessment Toolkit), a software application for use on desktop or laptop computers and mobile devices, developed in order to facilitate the assessment of within-country health inequalities. HEAT is organized around two main components: